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Spray it yourself!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Mosquito and tick control can cost you, especially when using organic solutions that cost four times as much as pesticides! But if you are the do it yourself type, then here is how you can spray it yourself.

Back pack sprayers are widely available at most any landscape equipment retailers. I personally use the STIHL SR 450 backpack sprayer which runs about $720.00 to $750.00 depending on where your going. Another backpack sprayer is the Makita PM7650H 4 stroke engine sprayer. Though I have never actually used one, as they are significantly more expensive, about $850.00 to $900.00 plus.

There are however some features I do like better. the water tank for one, distributes the water weight of the tank more evenly, the tank stretches down the back. The STIHL sprayer's tank sits on top, which makes for a more top heavy sprayer and not great for the back. STIHL a worthy sprayer though. See what I did there! :) The other thing I like about the Makita sprayer is that it's a 4 stroke, and tends to be quieter than the STIHL. Your neighbors will appreciate it at least! Those are the two best sprayers on the market as far as my opinion goes when it comes to something any home owner can use and purchase for a fair price.

Organic insecticides can be purchased at most landscaped supply chains. the one I use often is Site One Landscape Supply. there is one in Stoughton, MA as well as Pembroke, MA. The two most common ones we use are Lesco Mosquito Free and Eco Via MT. Lescos' Mosquito Free is a cedar wood oil concentrate that both kills on contact and carries a residual Barrier effect. This 36oz bottle will run you about $251.00 and will last you all year for your own yard. A case of nine is about $2,000.000 plus. Inflation stinks, they used to be $1,900.00 a case and about $180 for a 36oz bottle.

Cedar wood has long been a natural deterrent for mosquitos, and the product also works on ticks and Gnats. Though to be honest, Gnats are some of the hardest pests to get rid of in my opinion and experience, but this product works wonderful on ticks and mosquitos as well as fleas. which makes it great for those of you who have pets, and/or children in the household.

The other product we use most is Eco Via MT, another great product that also

kills on contact and repels pests with a barrier. It is made of Soybean oil , Clove oil, Citronella oil and Lemongrass oil. This one has a strong smell to it compared to Mosquito Free, and can be overwhelming for the applicator. However, Eco Via MT is much more cost effective and runs at about half the price of mosquito free, $125.00 plus per 64oz bottle. Like Mosquito free, Eco Via MT is also a safe product for pets and children in the house hold. So if cost effective is your thing, than this is your choice of solutions to use on your property. It also kills and repels ticks, mosquitos and flies.

When spraying for mosquitos, wether using organic or pesticides it is always recommended to use a mask such as the 3M Half Mask Respirator Kit, 5000 Series, also used for painting. Its fairly cheap at about $30 to $40 dollars depending where you purchase it. You can order them online, or at most local hardware stores. The mask is also reusable and you can replace the cartridges as well.

Where to spray for mosquitos and ticks? Well, mosquitos need very little water to breed, about a teaspoon full, or a bottle cap for reference. Mosquitos don't like the sun, so any shady areas around the property would be a good place to start.

Things like arborvitaes, small bushes such as the boxwoods are also great places for mosquitos to hide during the day. Any tall grasses should be cut frequently, but spraying will add extra protection as well. The woods and tree lines around the property is also key to eliminating mosquitos. Basically any shady and damp areas around your property is sufficient. You'll want to rid your yard of breeding grounds also. So any buckets, pots, kiddie pools, standing water, leaky hoses etc.

should be tended too asap. Ticks also love tall grasses and plants as well as leafy areas. So keeping your yard clean of debris, and cutting back the growth along your property line will help keep the ticks out. You can also install a stone, or mulch border around the yard to help keep the ticks out, as well as have an aesthetically pleasing landscape feature! And that about does it! Remember to always take safety precautions when dealing with any kind of products, wear safety protection and do your research. Be safe and mosquito and tick free this season!

Don't want to deal with mosquitos or ticks yourself, Give us a call or fill out the form on our website to get a quote today. We are currently offering up to 25% of full season April-October. Terms and conditions apply.

Sources: Eco Via Mt and Lesco mosquito free Labels;;;;

article Written by: Dan Giachetti- Owner @ All Organic MTC Inc.


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